i remember being a senior in high school and thinking i hit rock fucking bottom because my parents found out i smoke weed. three years later, i miss that feeling for some reason. stupid things that mattered.

When I smell that my roommate is baking something



living with 13 people this is every day

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my dudes… i want mention how creepy it is that our children could potentially grow up and be able to see our tumblrs/what we were like when we were their age. imagine reading your moms tumblr from when she was your age. holy fuck. what would my mom be posting about at 20 years old???

totally in love with a 34 year old married dude #homewrecker #yolo


musician hands are really attractive. let’s not even lie to ourselves.

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nothing says boredom like doing rhythmic dictations for every song on your ipod

my phones been having problems so i drove an hour round trip to the nearest best buy and all they did was take out the sim card put it back in and tell me they didn’t know what was i left the mall i noticed a t-shirt in the display case of h&m that said “thanks for nothing” and it really spoke to me. has Tumblr Themes, Twitter Backgrounds, Facebook Covers, Tumblr Music Player and Tumblr Follower Counter